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THE PATRIOT Streaming Video ... put 2 ID Rather Die
This song has been put to Video from the movie .... Windows Media- 64kbps
thanks go out to Ethan Koernke of the Mark Koernke clan for creating this Patriot Video Clip.

Knob Creek MachineGun Shoot / POKERFACE 10-09-09

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Rally in the Valley Video - (rtv)
Reefer Madness @ Downtime in NYC
Sex Lies & Politiks IPK video clip K studios
Tear It Down - Unplugged and plugged
Revolution - Unplugged
Shine On - Short Clip @Downtime
Real Video Player

For the song 'Freedom' put to video images of a pro-2A rally in Bethlehem Pa 10-02-2000 we put together, to stop the Rosie O'Donnel Million Moms on a local level here..
Freedom - Rally in the Valley - lo stream
Freedom - Rally in the Valley - hi stream

Reefer Madness @ Downtime = 150kbps stream
Reefer Madness @ Downtime = 45kbps (lo-fi)
Reefer Madness @ Downtime = right click download

The IPK video found on the Sex Lies and Politiks CD ( extended feature you get when you put the CD into a computer CD player )
... - Big Pic for cable/DSL
... - 56kbps / normal connect

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